115 Piobaireachd Tutorials with Pipe Major Bill Robertson

115 Piobaireachd Tutorials

Comments made recently by critics, that there is not another Piobaireachd Tutorial as thorough as this one. Learn the playing techniques from the Teacher himself.  Bill Comments, “These Piobaireachd lessons based entirely on my long experience in piping at a high level, my own rough sketches and papers I have given to various seminars and workshops over the years, including after thoughts”.  

The 115 Piobaireachd Tutorials - formatted onto a flash drive.

Bill plays on a Practice Chanter, interspersed with comments at intervals as he works through the tune.

This means that you can break the tune down into sections and learn to play one section at a time, to cover points on phrasing, timing and technique.

During his commentary about the tune, Bill discusses the following points relative to the lesson:

  • Correct embellishments.
  • Variations.
  • Categories.
  • Interpretation.
  • Performance.
  • 27 Supporting videos demonstrating various embellishments broken down as played.
  • Literature covering various historical aspects of Piobaireachd by Ron McLeod.

He has linked all the tutorials to audio and where applicable video files.

Remember Bill does not play the tune right through and then leaves you asking questions. He has sectioned the tunes into the various pieces and he talks you through each section as he plays them. It is as if Bill was sitting in your lounge, giving you a one—on—one lesson.

Please be aware that on some Mac operating systems the hyperlinks to audio and video files may not work. You will need to click on the individual audio and video files in order for them to play.

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