Interactive Advanced Bagpipe Tutorial with Pipe Major Bill Robertson

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As with all of Bill's of bagpipe tutorials the Interactive Advanced  Bagpipe Tutorial is also presented as a PDF Manual with hyperlinks to Video and Audio files, this makes the tutorials Interactive. This means that where it is appropriate, Bill uses video and audio clips to explain, demonstrate or clarify relevant points.

The Interactive Advanced Tutorial covers three areas of bagpipe playing:

1. The Light Music Section

Bill guides you from playing simpler tunes through to the competition type tunes. Technique, expression, rhythms, and clarity of execution are explained and broken down in sections where necessary. 

2. Bagpipe Maintenance and Sound

In this bagpipe tutorial Bill teaches you how to achieve a pleasant vibrant tone through a well balanced scale and good steady harmonic blend from finely set drones. 

3. The Piobaireachd Section

In this bagpipe tutorial Bill deals with how to execute correct strong technique, broken down in sections as played in Piobaireachd, including timing, variations, relevant extracts, categories, structures, phrasing, how to interpret the written scores, guidelines and extra Piobaireachd tutorials. 

The whole tutorial Includes the following sections:

  • Total of 97 pages, with hyperlinks to relevant video and audio links
  • 12 Videos covering basic fingering.
  • 7 Music Videos
  • 20 Videos on Piobaireachd embellishments, variations etc.
  • 18 Videos covering various aspects of bagpipe maintenance
  • 14 Audio tracks covering various popular tunes in fine detail.
  • 12 Audio tracks of extra tunes.
  • 3 Audio tracks covering various aspects of bagpipe maintenance.
  • 14 Audio tracks on piobaireachd embellishments, guidelines etc.
  • 3 Full piobaireachd performance tutorials
  • ... and much more!!! 

Detailed below is the Contents Page from Advanced Comprehensive Guide.

1. The Light Music: how to improve rhythms, expression, technique/clarity and more.

  • Common Time marches or 4/4 marches and ¾ retreat airs.
  • 2/4 marches.
  • Strathspey's.
  • Reels.
  • 6/8 marches and 9/8 airs.
  • Slow airs.
  • Jigs.
  • Hornpipes.
  • Recommendations for bands.
  • Summary and advice.
  • Extra tunes.
  • 2/4 march The 74th's Farewell to Edinburgh – supplementary pages and audio tutorial. 

2. Bagpipe maintenance and sound


The Bag including hide bag tying in and dressing or seasoning.

  • Blow-piece.
  • Binding/hemping joints.
  • Moisture control.
  • Chanter reeds sourcing and selecting.
  •  Setting and sound in the chanter.
  •  Sound etc., in a band.
  •  Manipulation etc.
  • Drone reeds source and selection.
  •  Bridles making and setting cane and synthetic.
  •  Listening tests in setting.
  • Tuning pipes including positioning pipes to play etc.
  • In a Band and preparation.
  • Summary.


3. Piobaireachd (Ceol Mor): detailed technique, variations, excerpts, interpretation, structures, performance etc.

  • Introduction.
  • Cadence.
  • Little finger movement.
  • Echo beats.
  • Trills and Urlar excerpts.
  • Dithis and Siubhal including excerpts.
  • Leamluath.
  • Taorluath all forms.
  • Crunluath all forms.
  • Guidelines: interpreting conventional written music, viewpoints, categories/structures, advice, etc.
  • A small piobaireachd – Duncan MacRae of Kintail's Lament with score written as played.
  • Part score and text on Lament for MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart No.1 with full audio tutorial.
  • Part score and text on The Little Spree with full audio tutorial.
  • Author's note.
  • Helpful dress code.



 Two large tutorials folders on light music including competition type and six Ceol Mor with this manual.

Please be aware that on some Mac operating systems the hyperlinks to audio and video files may not work. You will need to click on the individual audio and video files in order for them to play.

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